I got me alot of batteries today, so be ready for lots of pictures from the weekend.

Hey you – think about this song “You make me wanna”


Dell going crazy with the JAGER

The Boys Luther and Robzilla

Dwight licking Jasons birthday cake

Our “we’re drunk” pictureHanging out

Shopping @ Wal-Mart

TO ALL THE STUPID PEOPLE LEAVING COMMENTS THAT I DONT KNOW-FUCK OFF! I just love being so much better than you. I dont care who Luther fucks, all I care about is me getting mine. Stop worrying about whos getting it from who. Dell and I are cooking dinner tonight! Yum! We have a new person to “investigate” Carolina Billards this weekend?

Warning: You all better read this entire entry, I know its really long but its all interesting, I promise… especially Sunday.

Busy Busy Busy…finally found time for a long weekend update. Thanks a Million for Luther getting my car. But when I was in the shower him Timmy and Dwight all left on it. wtf? But they just went to go buy something else for it. Friday Dell Luther and  I were going to follow Jim, but I guess he just didnt want to cooperate because he never left and the phone stayed busy all night. Grr. We finally gave up bout 9:30. Then we had to change cars and then we all went out to Taco Bell. Yum I cant believe he doesnt like TB. So then he left and went to Bucks, while we waited for Linn and Terry to arrive. We sat there awhile and talked and saw Ernie and them. ugh. Dell and I went to the store for Linn and I thought some black guy was going to get us. He kept looking, it was scary and then we saw him later on that night. We couldnt find much to do so we went to Bucks, well the parking lot. We got Luther to bring us to shots of Liquid Coke and as soon as we finished them I looked up in the rearview mirror, and BAM there was a cop behind us. I was like omg so we left and went to the store to pee! When I was walking out of the store a cop was going in, and I was thinking oh no they are going to get us. Then we went to Wal-mart. We were in the forever and ever and came out with nothing. We talked to Angela and Will for a bit but we were in the way of the man trying to clean the floors so then we left. After that we finally went home.

Saturday  I went with my mom to Wilson and I went to Walmart where I saw Mike. That was great! He hugged me and we talked a bit. He was like Im glad that was you because I would have felt bad hugging someone I didnt know. Then I went to Great Clips and there was an awesome guy in there getting his hair spiked up. We need more guys around here like that. Then we all went to the Mooselodge and chilled for a bit. Keith is so crazy. Brillant!!! Everybody else left but Dell and I were still there and I was sitting on the back of my car putting a sticker on the windshield when one of my moms friends walked out. That was weird I bet he was wondering what I was doing. Then we went to Chic-fil-a for icedream and then to the Creamery for Dell. Luther went to the “store” with out us. Then we all met back up at Dwights for a bit. That was fun. Luther and George flipped the go-cart. Then Dell and I had to go home to get beautiful! That didnt last long though. When we went back to dwights the ugly people were there. Too bad they didnt go out I had planned on making the night very interesting! Well Luther and George were in my car and I put my Smironff bottle on the top of the car and then stupid Luther shut his door and made my bottle fall and pour Smironff all in my hair. Sticky. So then Dell and I went to Robzillas so I could re-do my hair. Mark showed up and they said they might go that night but they never did:( So back to Dwights we go. Dell and I were working on getting a bit tipsy. We all finally picked a car to go in and we left. It was me dell luther and Keith. If we were back in 9th grade it would have been like wow. All the girls were all over him, and then we could’ve been like guess who we went out with this weekend. I would have never thought about stuff like that happening back then. I know Luther felt lost on the ride to Bucks cuz we were playing Korn. Crazyiness. Okay so we are finally at Bucks and Dell and I have already had a few shots of Jager and a smironff in us! When we got there we talked to Mike! yay! Dell was feeling good because she said hey to people that walked into our game. I looked at her was like wow she has never done that before, it was funny! We had an awesome game of pool because Mike helped us! I cant believe that I won on that last shot with the way he told me to hit it. We had fun talking to him, the most fun ever. We went to the bathroom a bazillion times that night. I had drunk enough were I didnt even care about closing the stupid curtain anymore. We had a some more liquid! That stuff rocks. Then we sat down at out table and talked to Danny for a while. Josh and Matt came. Aww man I wanted to go do a line with him so bad but they wouldnt let me. Dell and I walked outside to the corral to look for Luther but he wasnt there and it was dark outside. We were on our way back up to go tell Randy about it and Dell walked by someone and got burnt! aww. Randy never did give me his beads, I dont have anything to show him. lol. But Yay for our beloved Luther he went and bought us some. Somebody has to take care of us. Never did dance with anyone. We went to the car for some jager and we took our “we’re drunk” picture, I’ll post that later. when we were walking back in Dell touched Mike on the shoulder and asked her what? and she was like nothing then he said to her I know you want me lol and she looked at him like wtf, she know that she does want him. It was so funny. He asked me how old I was and I showed him my hand and he was like for real and I was like yeah sure is. I said yeah, I’m legal. lol. Then he asked when he was gonna get my number and stupid me said when I get one. I dont know what I was thinking. Lol. OMG OMG I finally did it – Brace yourself – I taked to Carson. Shocker. I kinda ruined it though because I asked what his name was. *tear* I walked past him a couple of times and then I finally went to him and said Whats your name? He said Daniel! I was like Oh, me and my friend always just called you Carson. He was like yeah somebody else said I looked like that. He asked what my name was. And I dont really remember what all else but I did ask him if he minded me calling him Carson, he said no. After that a few more drinks and a few more talks. Its all starting to run together. When we were leaving I went up to Carson again and was Like Bye Carson. Lol it was funny. So then oustide I talked to Josh- not my cousin but the other one. It was like whoa. Sometime during that night I talked to who I thought was Rasin but he said it wasnt him and he had a twin bother and he died a few weeks ago, but I dont know if I really believe that or not. Oh and we had a shot of Tequilla but I dont know where I was when Dell did hers, but I took one with Dwight. They just left me outside or something, or maybe I was concentrating on Carson. Man I really hope that he is there Saturday, wonder if he will remember, and I hope that Mike is there too. If I drink enough I will probably talk to Carson again anyway! Fun Times by all. Oh and Dwight somehow got left at Bucks that night, so he went to the Moose. I’m still not quite sure how that happened.

dun…dun…dun Sunday. It started out just like any other one. Me mom luther and Timmy all went out for breakfast and then to the grocery store. We came home and I talked to Dell and we got ready to go to the soccer game. First off we went to see Mr. Robizilla for a bit, ah man that was so fun. They had a bottle of caroborator cleaner and a lighter. You can have a lot of fun with that. Spray fire. Luther kept doing it Robbie and one time Robbie jumped up and he landed in a tray of dirty water and it got all on his pants. Lol. It was really funny, you had to be there I guess. When he pulls his pants all the way up he has an old man butt. After that we went to Dwights for a little while. George decided to go to the game with us. Aww I got to see my little red haired kid and the really fast mexican boy. Yay we tied 4-4 for the championship. George and I went to swing, and while we were gone Dell and Luther talked about me. Ahh I dont know what else I can do. After that Luther said he was going to go get his lil girl because a certain Be-otch was trying to keep her from him. I tried to tell him not to go over there. Thats when things all went downhill. Luther parked on the street and went inside, when dont know what happened it there but we all heard a loud boom and was like uht-O.So then they brought it to the yard. Mandy was trying to get some paper and then she got in the way of my car. Its all kinda of hazy now but anyway Luther and Robert got into it, and Then George and Robert got in to it. He was not hurt as bad as I hear people talking about it. I think that its pretty stupid to say that someone tried to run you over with a car, you either did or you didnt. You cant go faster than the car. Thats fucked up, if you want to hit somebody you would, you wouldnyt just try. Funny how people change stories around to get someone to feel sorry for them. Its not fair that Luther didnt get to tell his side of the story. Stupid bitches cant take up for themselves and always have to call the law. So after all that we went to Wilson and to my house. We went to Stantonsburg and Brandon was working, yay for Dell. The cops went looking for Luther and we knew he was gonna get locked up anyway so we just went ahead back over to Dwights. That cop was so cool, we talked awhile before they ever left, I even took a picture but i forgot to save it, grr stupid phone. That was sad, our poor Luther went to jail. He called me 3 times that night. Well after all that Dell and I went to Robbies and helped him tint his windows. I went home for the first time forever without Luther. I went to bed early so I could get up early to be at Dwights to go get him out.

Monday I was at Dwights house at 8 for nothing. We never knew his bond until late in the afternoon. It was $5k because people like to lie. It took us foever to get the bondsman cuz he was out of town. We didnt come up with the money that night so he had to spend another night in jail. I spent most of that day and Dwights and walking around the stupid courthouse. I did see Jim that day, see I tried to get Dell to go with me but she had to paint. Then I went to Robbies for a bit. We were talking and he said it felt like Luther had died, and lol it was kinda true. Oh, why you want to call and hang up on me.

Tuesday yay I went to Rocky Mt. first thing that morning to meet Tommy and get dome $. Then I went fast as I could back to Dwights so we could go get our Luther back. I missed him when he was gone. But like when he got out and I saw him walking across the street I was like ehh. Why I am like that. I want something when its not there but when I have it I dont want it. First thing we did was went to McDonalds. We came home so he could take a shower and then we went to a lawyer to see how much damage was done. We are going to help him out though. Then it was off to work for him. Poor Luther. That night we went to eat Pizza then to the store and then to Robbies. Luther was so tired and he went to sleep over there and I started drawing on him. That was really fun, he didnt even notice. Oh and Dell has a new name – penis. That was so hilarious. Then we went to see Dwight and then Luter went home to sleep. He was still up when i got home and the I kept him up til 12 talking to him. There is a girl that likes him, but he doesnt want to get anyone involved with everything that he has going on right now. I understand that, but thats not the only reason.

I cant wait til court and I hope I get to say things that I know. Like how when Luther use to get home from work first thing he would have to do is change Lainey or give them a bath. How when I went over there she would have them shut in their room or locked in the hallway. Or how about the time she left to go smoke or get weed from someone. Or ever better how about the time I was there and they asked me if Iwanted to go get high with them in the bedroom. The judge will love that. And how many tims the kids were filty and looked thrown away. I ever bought them some clothes so they would look decent and match. And how their mother likes to get in the car slamming doors and taking off real crazy out of the driveway. How they always say that they havent eaten anything. Yeah all that is real nice information, huh?

That is all for now. *LONGEST POST EVER* I started this at 12:25 and my hands really hurt now. I probably left out some real funny stuff but oh well. – Gone

[1]How did we meet?
[2]How long have you known me?
[3]How would you describe me?
[4]Do you love me?
[5]Are you my best friend?
[6]If you won a million dollars would you be nice and share some to me?
[7]Do you think our friendship will never ever brake?
[8]Are we in common?
[9]Would you post this in your xanga so I can fill this out too?
[10]Would you always be there for me no matter what?
[11]If I were a type of candy, what would I be and why?
[12]What nickname would you give me?
[13]Do you think I’m nice?
[14]What is the best thing about me?
[15]What is the worst thing about me?
[16]Do you think I’m really cool?
[17]If I were to fill this out, do you think I’ll give you good compliments?
[18]Did you fill this out because you care about me?

It’s B-A-N-A-N-E-R-S !!! LoL. I really dont like the feeling of liking someone, it just sucks. Its funny that since hes moved here I see him less than when he wasnt here. We didnt make our 3.3 today because I got up to late but we did atleast go 1.5 and then a quick game of bm. Its also funny how a person who claims not to lie has done alot of that tonight. wtf? Half the week is gone so that means its closer to Saturday! Yay. Weird things, even weirder people. Gone

How sweet revenge can be! So lets see what happened this weekend. Friday night me mom luther and the girls went to Logans in Goldsboro. Went shopping, came home, and they all stayed the night. That was fun. And oh my they actually looked like girls. Saturday we all went out for breakfast like usual at Bojos(but I got fruit from McDs) then we came home and played outside all day while luther cut the grass. Saturday night we went to Bucks! Aww “he” didnt go, that made me sad Coke in liquid form is awesome. I still didnt get totally drunk though  Luther got really mad that night/morning, I’ve never seen him act like that. So we ended up staying at Ds. Interesting is my word for that. I’m glad she aint around anymore. Today was like whoa. Some people try to start something but they dont finish it. And like uh if you want blonde hair; bleach it, or better yet go shell out $60 every 6 weeks and pay to get it done. Some people, they just dont know any better. I really am not a mean person  but I want to be sometimes. People deserve. I cant help it if Im better than some particular people. I hate stupid people especially when I know that theres is nothing that they can do about certain situations. Ugh. Get some education. Been with Dell and Luther all day. ME and her went driving around, that was really fun but I am so glad nobody was home at Brads. The soccer game was great, I dont think I have ever laughed so hard. Lil Jim!!!! Speaking of Jim he acutally went out saturday. I was like OMG and had to call Dell but she had to be asleep. Anyway on another note I was kinda depressed today. Mom said Ernie called and said he was getting married in September, that was a shocker. Why would he say that he thinks about us alot. That makes no sense. I never expected him to get married so soon. But why should I care? I had my chance and didnt want it. Its not that I want him now but I cant explain how I feel about that one. It saddens me. He said his new girl is pregnant. Oh well. She is only 17, I am glad that didnt happen to me. But Oh Yay, me and Dell went walking around Dwights today and when we got to the main street it started raining and George hd just gotten home and saw me so he comes back out and gives us his umbrealla and he walks with us. That was really sweet. You know Dell Hmm…what else to say. I guess Luther is gonna stay here a few days until he can figure out something. That should be interesting. People can assume or believe what they want. Its kinda like I won in this game that I didnt even want to be playing.  Strange things. Help before I turn blue. I am starting to get excited about something or someone. Gee. I always get myself into situations. I really dont want to hurt people, so I dont know what to do. Stuck between 2 choices like a few other people that I know.  My throat hurts

This makes 3! Xanga hasnt seen this much action in a while. Everybody gets so worked up about what people write. Whats the big deal? Be happy. I still love yall crazy mofos. Wow I slept til 12:30 today, wtf? I know somebody should be really tired today.

Two entries in one night? Wow! Its funny how fast things get around. Who is the one lying I wonder? Strange people. You just cant trust anybody. I wish Jason were around and that was all I knew. How old are you? Act your age! Don’t be so dependant on me.

Ding, Ding we have a winner!



“And you say its nothing new sleeping with everyone who you dont even like for fun.”

Well I’m sad to say that I have done that a few times, and I probably will this weekend. I guess its kind of my way of getting revenge. I really hope that things work out and I get to go to Texas. I am really starting to hate the people in this town, all they know how to do is tell lies. Another thing that has been on my mind is Ernie; wtf? Get away. Let me sleep and not have dreams that make me tired in the morning. Dell and I walked 3.3 miles today, for them white pants, right? 🙂 Good times. Kinda gotten back into the badmitten scene. Too bad its not the same as it was last year 😦 Oh well right, what can I do about it. I need a Flickerstick fix like real bad. I need to start updating more often. Hi Chris, long time no see. I know ppl my writing is very random. Iz where are you? Are you ever coming back. I dont know why but I am ready for Saturday. I hope it is different this time. Why would a mother let their daughter go out in dirty clothes that dont match? Gee I know I am not the best dresser but atleast I do match! Reminds me of Dawn. Fun times huh Jess? Well I hmm uhmm dont know what to think.  “You’ll never be with me.” Ya know I really hate people that lie to me, like hmm a certain Mr. Luther Baker. Why are you going to lie to me about something that I dont even care about? I want to say something but I dont know how to put it. Grr. Oh and I hate people that stare at me. Grr even more. 2 new boys for me to like? Hmm I think yeppers on that one. Oh hey Brandy! What else to say…Oh yay my car is messed up. Why do I say yay? Cuz that means a trip to Napa and we all know who is there 😉 Hottness. How did I miss the whole season of Gilmore girls except for one show?  Just when I start to give someone a chance BAM there it goes.  Why am I listening to a county song? Wtf? Too much baker boys and Robzilla. 🙂 Its about that time. I started this Wednesday and its already Thursday. “Love always turns you blue.” I want to go see House of Wax! I want another tattoo but I dont know what I want. Get out of my head!!!!!!!! Gone.